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.:: Missy ::.
16 August 2009 @ 11:07 pm
Once again, don't know why I'm here.

First of all, 3eb's new album comes out this Tuesday. It leaked last Tuesday and I've pretty much been listening to it nonstop. Not that I didn't have all the songs before this, but I'm so pumped to hear new studio stuff. It's their first album in 6 years. Stephan butchered some of the songs, but overall it's pretty damn good. The Matt Nathanson/3eb show a few weeks back was amazing too. I felt so alive being outside, during the summer, being slightly intoxicated, at a concert for 2 of my favorite bands. Fantastic.

School starts in 2 and a half weeks. I started getting some lesson plans together for the first week. I got moved from 4th grade down to 3rd (should be fun around PSSA time...) and I got a new, bigger classroom. I'm actually excited to get started. The kids in my class this year are definitely going to be challenging but hopefully it won't be that bad. Don't really want summer to end, but as always, it must.

So other things have been good....and not so good. I don't know what the hell is going on. I've said it a million times, but I don't know why I constantly put myself in these positions. This one is definitely the worst because the lines are sooo blurry. I know what we're doing as much as I don't. I did sooo well without letting my emotions get involved and now it's really kind of frustrating, but in the typical fashion of me...it will never be known.

I had the strangest dream before. It made me miss some people.

I saw 500 Days of Summer. I highly recommend this movie to anyone and everyone.

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.:: Missy ::.
Here we are again.

So summer is just about halfway over...I don't know where the time has gone to be honest. I guess into a blur of parties, bars, work and god knows what else.

It's a struggle everyday to drag my ass into work haha. The double paychecks make it worth it though and I love the kids. I started working in the Autism program at night, which kind of sucks but the money is faaantastic. Can't beat it.

I'm so stressed with some things though. My bank card was stolen, fucked up my account. Bullshit at work about emergency certificates and everything else. It's summer...I shouldn't have worries.

OCMD with the WB crew is coming up. I'm sooo excited for that! I'm thinking about going out to CO for Thanksgiving to see my brother. Don't know yet definitely yet. He's coming home in August for a week and we're going a bunch of day trips here and there (including 3eb at Musikfect!)

Friends and family are good. Although as predicted our volleyball team sucks haha. It always amazes me how things change. I think back to last year around this time and how just by starting at the Friendship House has allowed me to meet all of these amazing people. I love them.

I think I'm heading down a shakey road with things. I think I'm starting to get attached although I know I shouldn't, thats it's dumb, that it wouldn't work and I'm an idiot for doing this to myself, again. I don't know why I gravitate towards assholes all the time. And as much as I may deny it, I don't know if it's possible to not become emotionally invested in a situation like this. But there are moments when I just can't help it. I never thought I'd be saying bullshit like this, but I love waking up next to someone and the feeling of going to sleep in someone's arms. Daaaaamn. Why is it always complicated?

I can't stop reading recently.

I feel so in-between with life right now in so many ways. Overall though, its good.
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.:: Missy ::.
Where to start?

Well, I'm all settled into the new place. It's going pretty well. I actually don't see Brian that much..even though we now live and work together haha. We've had a few parties and whatnot...I think I've settled in quite nicely haha.

So the school year ended. I'm off for two weeks before Summer Program starts and I cannot wait. I'm so happy I won't have to do another IEP, PBSP or report card for a few months. What a year its been though up there...and I mean in regards to staff and the kids haha.

I'm playing in a volleyball league this summer up at the Waldorf. Our first game is on Tuesday...and we're going to get our asses kicked lol.

My brother is coming in in June, July and August. And in August were going to see 3eb at Musikfest...sooo excited!!

Other than that..nothing else is new really that I can think of.

I really wish I didn't get so drunk last night....damn.

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.:: Missy ::.
Again, I don't know why I am writing in here. Then again, I don't know why I do half of the things that I do.

CO and Vegas were awesome. Vegas is like AC on steroids...anything goes. It's so much fun though. It was sooo great to see Gary and Kristin too.

This Saturday I am officially out of my house. Still need to take the last minute things over...which is going to end up being more than I realize but oh well. I cant wait.

Work is going good. Only 20 some days of school left, but then Summer Program starts.

I had my last class at Wilkes tonight. In the fall I need to take 2 more classes and then my internship and I'm finished. Thank God. I better get a decent job out of this.

What else? I don't know. I suspect rumors are going to start flying soon but whatever. I don't even care.

I'm starting to think I need to settle down. I'm starting to turn into someone I don't even recognize in so many way...but I'm so ridiculously happy, so how could it be wrong?

Oh well.

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.:: Missy ::.
I feel like writing. I don't know why. And I don't know why I still even bother with this thing. I think because I've had it for so long. It's like snapshots of my life or something. Which I think is kind of sad. Oh well.

One week today I will be in Colorado and then Vegas with my brother! I can't wait. I need a vacation/break from work and life.

I started taking things over to the new place. I'm so excited to move. This weekend I'm going to paint. I have so much shit it's ridiculous. Moving is such a pain in the ass. I can't wait though.

Two Third Eye Blind concerts coming up too! Ohhh how I love them. I need a recharge and this is exactly what I need.

Work has been going fairly well since my breakdown. I think it's the weather. The kids have spring fever and I hit that point in the year where everyday gets harder and harder to get out of bed. I was an hour late on Monday. I couldn't wake up...well, plus I was drunk the night before haha. But everything is becoming so monotonous. I agreed to do the summer program too. I could've had the whole summer off, with pay, but I decided to work and make an extra $700 every paycheck. Why not?

What else? Friends are good. Family is good. Although I need to get down to WB more to see those guys. I miss them. Going out in Scranton is so much easier for me though...and more fun I think just because it's some place different. Every weekend I say to myself that I'm gonna go out in WB instead, but it doesn't happen. Damn.

The weather today was gorgeous. Hello Spring.

I feel like I have so much it say, but it's all nonsense.

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.:: Missy ::.
18 March 2009 @ 09:09 pm
It's all fun and games until someone burns out...

Everything came crashing down today. I knew it was going to happen. I had been running on low battery since about June of last year. Shit hit the fan last night and today, emotionally for me...but I'm too drained to do anything.

Let's start with work. My classroom is completely out of control. One of the worst rooms up at the Friendship House, I can't even begin to explain how messed the place is. Imagine the worst day in public school times ten...that is one of our best days. Day in, day out. This afternoon, I had 2 kids removed from the room, 3 in the hallway, 1 in a hold continually head butting me in the mouth to which I now have a fat lip, 2 fighting and everyone else (except 3 students) are just out of their seats, talking/screaming etc. A staff walked in the room, asked if I was ok and I broke down. My hands went numb, I let go of the student, got up off the floor with my busted lip, walked out of the room and started bawling my eyes out. I couldn't even breathe, I had to go outside. My hands were shaking, bad. Eventually I calmed down after a half hour or so, some other staff took my students outside...and when I walked back into the destroyed empty classroom, I lost it again. I just couldn't get it together. And I am not the type of person to let things get to me that bad. I don't know what happened, I just broke down. Everyone was really nice about it and said that it happens all the time up there, and they are surprised I made it this long. And I love my friends up there for being so fucking fantastic about everything. I think I need a day off. These kids are just soooo awful it's unreal.

I didn't really burn out with going out all the time haha, thats still in effect. Parade Day was a good time. But I did burn out on this whole being "single" thing. Now, I don't know what happened to me since the middle of the summer or so, but I kind of got carried away with the whole having fun hook up nonsense, until it bit me in the ass the other night. Basically, having too many of them with too many wrong guys (although recently it's only been one in particular haha) Not that I wanted anything more out of the situations, but now I think I do. And every damn time, I meet the wrong guys. Guy(s) who are assholes and just aren't right for me because they are too busy fucking around with other girls...but what else would I expect when thats pretty much what I was doing? But I hope to God I don't fall back into a similar pattern of my past, because I can see this happening..develop feelings for someone and not being able to think clearly. Part of me thinks I'm ready to maybe have a relationship, part of me loves being single too much. And when I find someone I'm sort of interested in...it doesn't work. When the fuck is it going to work? I'm exhausted and being surrounded by couples doesn't help.

I can't wait to move in a month or so. It's going to be such a good time. I started packing and whatnot, I just need more boxes. Thank god for Kevin helping and letting me use his truck to move. Simple shit like this is why I love my friends at work. They are all so sweet. Sara took care of me today when I broke down, Tracy took my students, Brian took the awful students and then sent me the nicest text tonight (I love my new roomie!), and even when we go out...it's always just the best atmosphere. Buying each other drinks/shots, doing favors here and there, hanging out...it's like we think nothing of it to bend over backwards for each other. I love it. And speaking of the new place and friends, Sean is going to paint me some awesome pic for my new room, I can't wait to see what he comes up with.

What else? Some positives:
-Colorado and Vegas are coming up!!
-3 Third Eye Blind concerts...which I so desperately need.
-Spring is here, I hope.
-Gary & Kristin are coming home in May for a few days.
-My little cousin's 7th birthday is coming up.
-It's almost Friday.
-I'm halfway through my classes at Wilkes for the semester.

I know there's more but I need a good night's sleep tonight oh so bad.

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.:: Missy ::.
Holy Baracuda, Batman!

Let's see...things are going well. Same as usual I suppose. Work is going good, my classroom has calmed down a bit, finally, which makes things 100% easier. Classes at Wilkes are going well too. I hate writing papers though...I'll be finished in the Fall and I can't wait. You have no idea.

My friends are doing well. I continue to go out and get messed up fairly often. My birthday was phenominal. And I am now officially a member of the Waldorf haha. It's good times though, maybe too good.

So I'm finally going to be moving out of my house, thank god. I'm going to be moving in with my friend Brian from work in April-May. He has a huge house in Scranton, although it's technically Dunmore, and needs help paying the bills and asked me to move in. He's offering it up really really cheap and has a nice place...I get 3 bedrooms and my own bathroom, plus the rest of the house obviously. I'm pretty excited about it. We'll have a good time haha. My friend Katie might be moving in too, but we shall see. I need to start cleaning and packing for that soon too.

There's a lot going on coming up. April is going to be super busy...plus I'm going to Colorado and Vegas then! I can't wait. Aaaand there's a Third Eye Blind concert with my name on it too!!! :)

I should be writing a paper but I'm going to go watch the Office that I missed this week then it's off to the bar haha.

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.:: Missy ::.
11 January 2009 @ 08:36 pm
I really don't have anything to say, but I feel like I should write something. Just because.

The new year has started off fairly well. I can't complain really. Work has been going good...minus last week but whatever.

My classes at Wilkes start next week. I'm not looking forward to it and the work though, not gonna lie. I wanted to pick up extra hours but between my 2 classes and my social life these days, it's probably not going to happen.

I'm going to visit my brother in CO for Easter. I'm pretty excited for that.

I need to get back into my schedule and routine. I lost it there for so long, I need to get it back. For myself - mentally and physically. I think I will. It wasn't that hard the first time around...

Life never seems to fail me in the fact that just when you think you've got it down, everything changes. My life feels like it's all over the place anymore...out all the time, drinking way too much, bad habits picked up, other bad habits starting again, waking up all over Scranton half of the time etc...and thats not even half of it. I had a detailed paragraph written but I deleted it. Old habits die hard. The bottom line is...I've never been happier.

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.:: Missy ::.
18 December 2008 @ 07:21 pm
I feel like my life has been a whirlwind lately. I'm constantly going out, getting pretty drunk and messed up almost every other day...and yet managing to get into work, stay ahead of my lesson plans and do a pretty damn good job at work (or so I'm told). I don't know how I'm doing it though haha. I'm in my alcoholic stage once again I think. Reminds me of fall semester, senior year of college but times 10.

My brother got married a few weeks back. The wedding was gorgeous! Probably the nicest wedding I have ever been to. Kristin looked beautiful and it was a really good time. My little cousin was the cutest flower girl ever too haha. I'm happy for both and them. They won't be in again from CO until August so I'm gonna try and get out there, maybe for Easter.

Work has been going good. My coworkers are completely out of control lol. I love them though...they are so much fun and the reason for my alcoholism now. I can't even begin to explain them haha.

I havent even started Christmas shopping yet. I dont know where my money went...between going out, the wedding and everything else I'm pretty much screwed. Crap. I think I'm going to pick up extra evening hours at the Friendship House.

I'm taking two more grad courses next semester at Wilkes. I just want to be finished with it already.

Other than that, things are good. I've sort of "ended" some things and it really sucks and some feelings are still there, but ultimately they can't be. We shall see...

The Office is on tonight and I probably won't have school tomorrow so...it's all good.

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.:: Missy ::.
I was about to go to bed, but then I got sucked into my little 3eb world. They have an EP coming out on Tuesday so I'm pretty excited about that, even if I've had bootlegs of the songs for 4 years now. I'm in desperate need of a concert.

Work has been going good. My room is no longer the dream team. In fact, we're the opposite of it. It's hard to imagine what the place is really like without ever being there. The restraints, the bizarre behaviors, and even the language of the kids. I can't even describe it. I also have a 10 year old schizophrenic in my class who hears voices. Its really really hard...I got 7 new kids in about 2 weeks so I'm waiting for the dust to settle. Tomorrow I get to leave the room to work on my FBA's and IEP's all day...although it will probably take me about 5 days to finish them.

Class is going good. I have a paper due Monday that I am dreading. Why did I decide to go back to school?? haha Yikes.

My brother is getting married in like 3 weeks. It's completely crazy.

Other than that, nothing new. Beerfest next weekend should be a good time. I've been going out pretty much every weekend and a few weeknights with people from work and it's a freakin' blast. I work with a bunch of drunks lol.

Other things are good. I'm in such an awkward position with certain things and there's nothing I can do about it. It sucks though for me in a lot of ways, but I'll deal.

This is really dumb.

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.:: Missy ::.
I'm such a slacker. I have so much crap to do for work and my night class and I'm not doing anything. Planning lessons and getting all the materials ready takes such a long time...plus I'm lazy lol. Craaap. I'm even slacking on my brother's fiancee's shower next week. I can't wait for him to come in though.

My Dad is doing a lot better...they are still running tests on him because they aren't sure what caused his stroke. It's such a hassle not knowing and he's constantly running off to the doctor's for more tests. I hope they find out soon whats going on.

My godson's first birthday party was this weekend. I love my family <3

Work has been going great. My classroom is like the dream team...in fact our motto is "livin' the dream..." We don't have any restraints or anything like that which is rare for the FH. Granted I just got the kids like two weeks ago, I have a feeling my honeymoon period is going to end, very soon.

So I will admit that lately I have been hanging out with the people I work with. I've been going out with them a lot and have met a lot of their friends and whatnot. They are such a good time though, it's hard not to. Friday night we went out and I seriously can't remember the last time I had that much fun. They're just such nice people and they like to have a good time. I always find that I gravitate towards people who I find fascinating...and I can feel it happening. They are just so interesting and different. What the hell, why not? It's a damn good time.

Things are going so very well with certain things its ridiculous. And yet at the same time, it's such bad bad timing. Craaap. I'm an idiot for doing this. I'd elaborate more but I can't.

I'm pretty much obsessed with the new Jack's Mannequin album.


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.:: Missy ::.
28 September 2008 @ 12:39 pm
I'm going to write on here instead of writing my paper for class tomorrow. I am such a slacker. It's so weird to be writing papers again. Some things have been going on though...

First of all, my Dad had a stroke this past Tuesday. He is perfectly fine now and they have no idea why it happened. All of his tests came back with good results. So, now he has to go see a neurologist to try to prevent it from happening again. He was in the hospital for 2 days and although he was fine, it really shook me. It brought back so many memories of my mom being sick in the hospital and if anything ever happened to my Dad I honestly don't know what I would do. My dad is my lifeline. It was also hard with Gary being in CO when this was going on. But, Dad is good now so I need to count my blessings.

Work has been going good. I LOVE the people I work with. Friday night a bunch of us went out in Scranton again and last night Kevin had a ridiculous party at his house aka the "F.M. Kerrigan Center". He had a band, 4 kegs, volleyball, horseshoes, wristbands, tickets printed up and the best thing was the Port-A-John haha. I can't remember the last time I was at a party that good. It was ridiculous in so many ways lol.

Nothing else too exciting going on I guess. I need to write this paper so I can go over my aunt's. Crap.
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.:: Missy ::.
18 September 2008 @ 04:10 pm
Goodbye Summer. I'll miss you... It makes me so sad, you have no idea.

My room is a disaster. I'm so busy (with stupid shit like going out all the time) that I don't have time to clean or do laundry. It's awful and it's driving me nuts. My one friend comes over and I can't even let him in my room hahaha. Ehh, thats another story though..it's hot and cold.

Work is going good though. I've been waiting on my emergeny Special Ed. certificate to come back and it finally did so next week I'll be getting my classroom. I'm so excited you have no idea. It's so sick but I love this job and I love all the kids. Its very rewarding...but it's also a shit show. The pub crawl was a good time though. Things are starting to get a little Jim/Pam-esque....its starting be trouble. Yikes, but I can't help it...

My class at Wilkes is going well. I don't think it'll be that bad...I'm dreading writing papers again though to be honest.

Went down to Bloomsburg this past weekend for Nic's bachelorette party. Oh how I've missed everyone from down there!! It's funny though because when we all get together it's like nothing has ever changed. Being down in Bloom again felt normal. It was really nice.

If you've never seen Team America, do yourself a favor and rent it. It's hysterical.

I need a nap. I'm getting so lazy with things its ridiculous.

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.:: Missy ::.
02 September 2008 @ 09:45 pm
It makes me wonder if I'm doing this to pass the time.

If I'm just repeating myself.

Just when I managed to escape one, finally....

I can't fall into that deep hole again....and I have a feeling I am digging a brand new hole right now, in a completely different place. I always fall in so damn fast, get smothered in dirt and can't find my way out.

Or maybe I'm wrong and there is something worth jumping into with this one. I'll know soon enough, hopefully. Time is wearing thin before I get stuck in the grey area that I invented.

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.:: Missy ::.
Ohh where to begin?

I figured out my life plans for the next year. I'm starting grad school at Wilkes this fall for Special Ed. It shouldn't take me more than 3 semesters to pick up my Special Ed. degree, hopefully only 2. Since I need to do 2 field experiences for the degree, I am going to teach at the Friendship House this school year and use that as my field experience. The added bonus being that I get paid at the same time haha.

OCMD was out of control!! It was just so much fun. I only need to say one thing to sum the trip up...MEGARITAS haha. Yuuup, just livin' the dream.

I'm heading to Colorado this Wednesday to see my brother :) I'll be back Monday night. I can't wait to see him, it's ridiculous. Drama has started with the wedding though, but I'm pretty sure that was expected.

I have a serious spending problem with my money. Yeah, I manage to save money but I spend WAY too much. This weekend alone I bought a new bed set, a new dress, a new cell phone, 2 shirts, a pair of shoes, and on top of that spent quite a bit of money going out. Out of control...it has to stop. I might be looking at yet another second job, technically a 3rd job if you count tutoring. Yikes. I don't have time for it though since I'm going to be taking classes. Crap. Save mode is on.

Things with the new man in my life have been going pretty well haha. I can't say too much about it though. Other than that...I can't complain.

I really don't want summer to end...

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.:: Missy ::.
I'm bored so I'm going to just ramble.

I have no idea if the guy from England is coming or not. Things are starting to get weird so who knows. Not creepy weird but I haven't talked to him that much recently etc. I don't care if he does come and I don't care if he doesn't come. It would actually be a lot easier if he didn't come but it would be fun to hang out with him too. Whaaaatever.

Last night was a lot a fun. I kept saying all week that I was going to do 16 shots, one shot for each kid I had at work. Well, to make a long story short people kept buying me shots last night haha. It was like my friggen birthday, but better lol. I love my friends. I think I got to shot 12 or something like that plus lots of (free) beer. Good times.

Work is good. I like the job. I like most of the people I work with. They asked me on Friday if I would be interested in staying and teaching during the regular school year. I don't know what I'm going to do. Things are so up in the air with everything, but it's summer and I don't want to think about it even though I should.

Sooo...I sort of met someone but it's more along the lines of infatuation at this point, I will admit. I can't really say too much about it but I really kind of like him...aaand that makes me sound like I'm in 3rd grade haha. It's just fun and exciting when you meet someone new. Who knows if anything will happen but its all good.

Every now and then I feel a shift in something, and I swear something has shifted. I don't know if it's all the stuff going on..the new job, the vacations, the new infatuation haha or what. Either way, something feels different. It's like my eyes have opened up and I stopped caring. I think I've finally put whatever it is to bed.

I need to go visit my aunt soon. I haven't been over in a few weeks.

I can't wait for vacation!! I'm so pumped for both of them. OC is gonna be awesome because it's OC and it always is. And I can't wait to see Gary again in CO. I miss him.

I'm off to find something to do...its a beautiful day, I shouldn't be inside.

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.:: Missy ::.
13 July 2008 @ 07:01 pm
Let's see...some stuff has been going on. It's been so incrediably hard to get back into my routine after Cancun. I didn't function for about 2 weeks.

Work is going good. I actually like this job even though I get attacked on a daily basis and have the marks to prove it. The kids just can't help it and don't know anything else. It's definitely interesting and requires more planning than regular classrooms, but it's good.

I think I am going to go back to school in January to pick up Special Education. I only need 4 classes, some field experience and one Praxis to be certified. I don't think I'll get a job without it, so I might as well bite the bullet and do it. I hate to take the time off of subbing but oh well. Hopefully it will pay off.

Thursday I went to dinner with the lovely Veronica and yesterday I went to Nic's bridal shower. It was so nice to see some Bloom people again..it's been far too long.

I'm going to OCMD at the end of the month for a few days with some friends. It should be good times. Then Colorado at the end of August. Can't wait to see Gary and Kristin...and their new puppy! haha

Now for the somewhat odd news....in my last entry I talked about the people I met from England while in Cancun. Well, the one guy, Kirk, and I have been emailing back and forth which led to IMs and now is leading to phone calls/texts. It's strictly platonic...we just like talking to each other and find each other completely hilarious. To make a long story short, he is most likely going to be visiting here at the end of the month for about a week. He'll probably come to OCMD with us and then spend the last few days up in the valley doing day trips to NYC, Philly and other places. I'm actually really excited for him to come...but I still find it a little weird. He isn't a creepo or a stalker or anything like that...in fact he's the exact oppposite..extremely nice and genuine. I just find it so strange. I can't really wrap my mind around it, but I don't think it's that weird to him. They are just so friendly and outgoing that him coming here seems like it is natural to him. It's not definite yet but I'm pretty sure it'll happen. We shall see...

Even though I like my job, I really don't want to go back to work tomorrow. Where do the weekends go??

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.:: Missy ::.
Cancun was absolutely the best vacation I have ever been on in my entire life. I can't even describe how wonderful it was. I don't think I've ever been so damn relaxed. It took great strength to figure out what day it was...PA seemed light years away. The weather was gorgeous, our view looked like it came straight from a postcard and the people we met were just mint! (English slang for amazing or wow haha) Not the mention the night life down there is out of this fucking world...music and people everywhere. The clubs were so amazing. The pool, the gorgeous ocean, the drinks, the shows, the crazy Mexicans, the nights out...and all the funny random shit in between. Best vacation ever. Hands down.

We met some people from England down there. They were some of the nicest people I have ever met in my entire life. They were just so honest, open and optimistic about everything. Everything was a good time to them and they were so friendly. The first English boy I met, Ryan, was such a gentleman and truly meant it. He was so damn sweet. I was with him until 6:30 that morning...hooking up with an English boy has probably been the highlight of my life thus far haha. Not that I need to be shouting that sort of stuff out to the online world (because normally I'm like whatever about this stuff and don't really mention it), but he was just so damn cute and unbelievably nice and sweet, I couldn't help myself...at all. It was almost as if I lost control. And the accent is another story haha. There was just something about him and the whole thing was just perfect. I wish I could type out all of the thoughts in my head about that, but it was such an amazing experience that I cant find words for it. And I don't mean it was an amazing experience for the obvious reasons of hooking up haha. I have never met a guy like that before. Too bad he lives in another country. Dammit.

The other English people we met was another boy, Kirk, who was 24 also, and 2 friends in their 30's probably. The friends were a guy and girl, and they were actual swingers haha. It was great...they were a trip and a half. They had me laughing so hard I probably could have peed my pants lol. Kirk was extremely nice and funny. Spent a good amount of time talking to him over the "holiday" as he calls it...just getting to know about the lifestyles over in England. He's 24 and owns his own bar. It's so different from over here, I was amazed. He was just so considerate about things I didn't think anyone could be considerate about.

The people we met just had such an outlook about life and travelling and everything...that they actually inspired me. I loved spending time with them. We exchanged emails and everything else and I really hope to stay in contact with them. And with that, I am going to desperately try to change my outlook on life. I think Americans in general all have a pessimistic view...and we should because our country is turning to shit. Thats why I'm going to move to England haha Not really but I would like to visit there at some point. It's just so weird how after spending just that short amount of time with these people...they made such an impression on me. The English boys were nicer to me than ANY American boy has ever been. I truly didn't think it was possible and it made me realize how completely ridiculous and what assholes some guys I know truly truly are.

Coming home was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

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10 June 2008 @ 09:26 pm
In one week I will be in Cancun! Ahh, I can't wait. I need this vacation like you have no idea haha.

So, I started training for my summer job at the Friendship House. It's definitely interesting and think it will me push me in a lot of ways professionally. These are the types of kids I wouldn't normally interact with in regular schools. They have been abused in ways you can't even imagined, neglected, come from dysfunctional families beyond repair, or have some sort of problem that they simply cannot live and be cared for at home. Very strange and scary behaviors too...things that don't even seem real. And on that note, tomorrow I get trained in how to put children in physical holds.

The school year in OF ended really well though. Now, I'm back to square one...looking for a job. The window of opportunities for teachers to get hired is like May-August. And if it doesn't happen then, you have to wait another year. It sucks and its so damn political.

Meredith had a party in Kunkle this weekend. Good times! I love when I get stupidly drunk and do things I slightly regret (yet not) the next day..and days to follow. Not good. But oh well..it was fun while it lasted haha. I love Kunkle.

Nothing else that exciting...I am definitely going out to CO to see Gary in August. My cousin graduates Kindergarten tomorrow. I want to play volleyball one night at Kirby, but who knows if/when that'll happen.

Some things are looking up my friends.

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25 May 2008 @ 11:18 pm
I feel like an update....And now that I'm updating I don't have a whole lot to say.

Come to think of it, I don't think I have anything to say.

Business is pretty much as usual. School is just about over. We start practice for Kindergarten graduation this week...should be fun. My little cousin graduates on the 11th and I cannot wait. DSW is good. No, I'm lying...it kind of sucks. Family is good, friends are good. Can't complain.

I'm so excited for Cancun in a few weeks. It's all I keep thinking about haha. Sex and the City this upcoming week too...can't wait!

Tomorrow is my first day off in a loooong time. I've been working 7 days a week for what seems like forever. I don't know what I'm doing yet and I don't really care if I don't do a damn thing except enjoy the day.

I was thinking the other day about how much things have changed over the past few years. Its insane how different everyone is, for the most part. Nothing seems as random anymore and there is something missing in the air. Summer nights don't feel like summer nights. It's missing a spark. They don't even smell the same, I can't explain it. I want that back but unfortunately I think those days are long gone.

Hello Summer...I've missed you.

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