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25 June 2008 @ 05:49 pm
"But if you left it up to me, everyday would be a holiday from real."  
Cancun was absolutely the best vacation I have ever been on in my entire life. I can't even describe how wonderful it was. I don't think I've ever been so damn relaxed. It took great strength to figure out what day it was...PA seemed light years away. The weather was gorgeous, our view looked like it came straight from a postcard and the people we met were just mint! (English slang for amazing or wow haha) Not the mention the night life down there is out of this fucking world...music and people everywhere. The clubs were so amazing. The pool, the gorgeous ocean, the drinks, the shows, the crazy Mexicans, the nights out...and all the funny random shit in between. Best vacation ever. Hands down.

We met some people from England down there. They were some of the nicest people I have ever met in my entire life. They were just so honest, open and optimistic about everything. Everything was a good time to them and they were so friendly. The first English boy I met, Ryan, was such a gentleman and truly meant it. He was so damn sweet. I was with him until 6:30 that morning...hooking up with an English boy has probably been the highlight of my life thus far haha. Not that I need to be shouting that sort of stuff out to the online world (because normally I'm like whatever about this stuff and don't really mention it), but he was just so damn cute and unbelievably nice and sweet, I couldn't help myself...at all. It was almost as if I lost control. And the accent is another story haha. There was just something about him and the whole thing was just perfect. I wish I could type out all of the thoughts in my head about that, but it was such an amazing experience that I cant find words for it. And I don't mean it was an amazing experience for the obvious reasons of hooking up haha. I have never met a guy like that before. Too bad he lives in another country. Dammit.

The other English people we met was another boy, Kirk, who was 24 also, and 2 friends in their 30's probably. The friends were a guy and girl, and they were actual swingers haha. It was great...they were a trip and a half. They had me laughing so hard I probably could have peed my pants lol. Kirk was extremely nice and funny. Spent a good amount of time talking to him over the "holiday" as he calls it...just getting to know about the lifestyles over in England. He's 24 and owns his own bar. It's so different from over here, I was amazed. He was just so considerate about things I didn't think anyone could be considerate about.

The people we met just had such an outlook about life and travelling and everything...that they actually inspired me. I loved spending time with them. We exchanged emails and everything else and I really hope to stay in contact with them. And with that, I am going to desperately try to change my outlook on life. I think Americans in general all have a pessimistic view...and we should because our country is turning to shit. Thats why I'm going to move to England haha Not really but I would like to visit there at some point. It's just so weird how after spending just that short amount of time with these people...they made such an impression on me. The English boys were nicer to me than ANY American boy has ever been. I truly didn't think it was possible and it made me realize how completely ridiculous and what assholes some guys I know truly truly are.

Coming home was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

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